Any Digital Scrapbookers Out There? Giveaway!

My Memories has a digital scrapbooking software. My friend Shawna scored a free copy from the company and got another one to give away!

It’s always exciting to first be recognized as a blogger with a giveaway, though we both wonder how a company chooses specific bloggers to participate.

I love how she gives a full review of the software on her site, plus if you buy the software you get a $10 off coupon. How often do you get 25% off something? She doesn’t make any stringent requirements like writing an essay about how much you really need digital scrapbooking software or taking a million random pictures of scavenger hunt options – aren’t you glad I didn’t think up the rules for the giveaway? All you have to do is follow Shawna Skinner Meyer’s blog (she gives options) and follow the company (again, options) and let her know about it.

Don’t let me be the only one to enter. I don’t even scrapbook!


Is the official release date of The Art of Science. At least, in my book. I think it’s been out a couple weeks, but I’ve been busy with baby and not able to keep up with events very well.

Still putting together a plan for a promotion party – stay tuned for details.

One thing I managed is to get a copy reserved for a giveaway on I’m not sure how much it will help, but I do know people look for books and sometimes when they don’t get them they go out and buy them. A friend of mine looks through their giveaways fairly often, and I’m sure she’s not alone in that.

Here’s hoping. If you are a member of Goodreads – let me know what you think of their giveaway program.