Finger Puppets

Etsy Finger Puppets

I gave these puppets to my niece as a birthday gift. The regular version, not the Halloween version, though both are pretty cool. She loved them! She’s six and she’s totally into all manner of things artistic that she can put together or do herself.

It’s so much fun to watch her excitement over these items. some things she needs supervision with, especially because these require fabric glue (available anyplace craft goods are sold, including Wal-Mart and Target).

The puppets are made of felt, cut to approximate sizes in varying colors. Included are squares for cutting of hair and clothes in any style the creator can think of! “At least two eyes” per puppet are guaranteed, though there is the option of putting on more or less as you like. This is definitely a cute idea to share and it keeps kids (and adults) on their creative toes to see what they can come up with.

Actually, sometimes it makes me want some of my own!