Trockle Blog Tour

The tour is still going strong! There are a few more days and here are the stops (and you’ll see me there, too).

Susan Smith Thompson
She’s got an amazing interview of Trockle here, conducted by her son, Noah!

Joyce Anthony
This one is more of a teaser of things to come, because there are going to be interviews with Stephen and Trockle over the next four days. Stay tuned!

My New Blog and Trockle

I’ve been inspired to start a blog for my publishing journey, partly by the Trockle blog tour.

Trockle is a picture book out by 4RV Publishing LLC written by Holly Jahangiri and illustrated by Jordan M. Vinyard. I’ve visited each stop on the tour and I’ve learned a lot about the book from their posts and all of them have a different perspective to keep things interesting. The more I read about this book, the more I want it in my library. (And I have a library in my new home!)

Yesterday I won a Trockle tote bag. Every stop on the blog tour has a drawing for those who comment. Today’s stops include the blogs of Lea Schizas and Ian Williamson.

So, in this blog I hope you can learn more about me, my writing, and some of my writer friends on the publishing journey. My first novel is due out with 4RV Publishing LLC in early 2009 and I’ll be on my own blog tour. I’ve been told a lot of things when I said my dream was to become a published author – that getting published is difficult. No one thinks to tell you about the rest until you get there.

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