Blog like No One is Reading?

Seen on Twitter: “Dance like the photo’s not being tagged, Love like you’ve never been unfriended, Tweet like nobody’s following.” @postsecret from @bythebrooks (via @neilhimself).

Don’t you wonder what people have to say if they think no one will read it? Maybe that’s why some people quit blogging. If no one out there is responding, they’re not about to keep putting themselves out there. Blogs have great tracking features to tell you how many people read your post. Plus you can add feeds for subscribers to increase your readability.

But it doesn’t really bring in readers. What you write does. So is what you’re saying interesting enough to hold an audience? Only of people who personally know you? Not even then? Even if you have something interesting, humorous, or noteworthy, you might not capture the audience. Perhaps someone will repost one of your thoughts, but never come back again. [I am recently guilty of this.]

I just don’t read that many blogs. I haven’t yet found the time. It doesn’t mean I won’t find the time, especially if someone shares it directly with me, but my focus is toward writing: blogs slanted that way, books on the topic, books in genres I write, plus the writing and revision of my own work. It’s time consuming. I let it be that way.

Not that I don’t pay attention to my family. That’s where the rest of my time goes.

I’m not really under delusions about how many people read my blog. If I were WordPress would definitely burst my bubble. It’s not about what I’m trying to tell someone else, but it’s an expression of something I want to say. I think a blog ought to be something you want to do. I originally started one because it seemed like the thing writers do – they blog. Some do and some don’t. Some are successful and some aren’t. There is no one way to label a writer or a blog. The expert opinion is to do it if you like it, but that there are plenty of ways to reach an audience other than blogging if that’s the author’s preference.

It’s a long way to say: if you’re reading, thanks. It’s nice to know someone wants to read it. I’d probably still be blogging anyway – but it makes me happy.

In Remembrance

Be prepared. The following post probably isn’t about what you think, since it’s Veteran’s Day. So, first, a thank you to the veterans who served our country and keep us free. Second, happy anniversary to my parents. Third, a random blog post that caught my eye on my way to blog this morning about being free.

When I started this blog, I was at home full time trying to be a writer. I succeeded at the writing bit, at least, and I have at least rough drafts of a couple novels to prove it. I enjoyed posting here and I tried to do it once a day.

One of the writers who strongly encouraged me was Jamie Eyberg, may he rest in peace. We’d attended the same small school in southwestern Iowa and he found me on Facebook when I joined. It was nice to have someone to talk to about that writing stuff, especially since my husband just doesn’t get it. Jamie commented frequently, either directly here or sending me a message.

I think I’ve just been avoiding posting here since he died. Yes, a ton of other things get in the way, but they always do. Motherhood and part-time jobs keep me running in circles all day. One of them – teaching at a college – has usurped far too much time. I hear the first time teaching any class is like that.

Other people do read this blog, and maybe someone else won’t be afraid to make comments and keep up the dialogue. I appreciate all of you who have commented and watch for my updates.

I’m not doing NaNo this year, due to my other commitments. However, I’m starting to get myself writing by bits and pieces again. I don’t know how I let myself get so derailed from the process. I haven’t been to a writer’s group of any kind in over two months.

All of that is changeable. Saturday’s another meeting in West Des Moines. I can keep scribbling out pieces when I get breaks, or rather make breaks to keep up my scribbling (or even random typing).

Admitting the part that’s holding me back is just one step to getting back to where I need to be. So, I’m accepting that I’ve been shirking my blog. I promise to post more often, at least once a week. At least until I can get that daily vibe back.

Happy NaNo to everyone attempting it this year. A novel in a month is always a happy thing, even if it needs severe rewriting. Don’t forget to keep going until it’s finished and don’t just stop at the 50,000 words!

Random Blogger

It’s no secret I freelance sometimes. Depending on the topic and my interest level, blogging for others is a lot of fun.

The research takes a little time, but it’s great to learn something new. (Who, me, like to learn?) Then the blog post pours out of somewhere. Usually it flows easily. I’m not one to write 6000 word mammoths, sticking very close to 300 words for the most part. Perhaps I’ll begin working on lengthening my attention span per topic.

It may not be the most lucrative hobby, but anything fun can’t be bad.

Sometimes I look at those blog for money sites, like ProBlogger. I mean, it seems like a good idea, but does it work? I suppose I might try it sometime, once I finish another novel or something.

The novel really is the focus of my work these days, outside of being a mother and wife and all those other things I do: teaching, tutoring… It never ends.

It’s all about doing what you love, right? The sayings abound- do what you love and the money will follow and do what you love and never go to work again.

Of course, if that was true, parenting would be a paid career posting, rather than paying out your nose for the privilege of parenting.

Money isn’t everything. If cliches are so good at saying what we mean, why can’t we write with them? I guess we need more ways to express our creativity.

Until the next novel, I suppose I will just keep randomly blogging. Not so random here as me, but randomly for others. And learning tidbits that might make it into other stories, where those bits of knowledge of music, beer, and golf come together.

At least it hones my writing skills in some ways, plus research. There are much worse things I could be doing with my [spare- ha!] time.

On Blogging

I found out this morning about a few of my readers. I’m always amazed, though it’s delightful to see that little number of hits button go up. I think I still know many of my readers, but I’m surprised how many of them keep regular tabs on me and more surprised when people turn up that I don’t know.

Drop me a line and let me know who you are.

I also received an award for this blog, but I’ll have to think about it and post it later. The links to seven other blogs that also deserve the award require a lot of thought!