What are you looking for in a writer’s workshop?

I see these advertised online and off, and I wonder what it means to everyone out there. I should also mention I teach a class about speculative fiction writing, but it’s not online – or it isn’t yet.

Partly what I like about teaching is the discussion aspect, but I can’t speak for my students. I like to touch on basic things like plot, character, and point of view, as well as more genre-specific things like background and world-building.

Each time I teach the class (I’m almost done with the third section) it changes. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, it just is part of the evolutionary process.

I just hope I teach them something. And that they continue to write.

My copyeditor friend Sarah Holroyd is starting up her own. We will definitely have to keep an eye on her! You may want to keep an eye on me, too…