Graduate School

I heard today, a little earlier than usual. I didn’t get in.That puts me in with the 817 people who are getting rejected, rather than the 25 who get in to the world-renowned program. I can live with that…

This means I don’t have to worry about how to juggle school with a husband who lives in another town and a baby. I will be able to focus on the family and start the next novel when I get finished rewriting the one I’m working on.

Speaking of rewriting, I finally got a good idea of where i want to go on that last YA novel, so focusing on that one is good. I probably rushed it – it takes me time to get enough distance to really know what I want to say and how I want to say it.

If I ever apply again, I’ll take all the things I learned this time and make a better application. Might even get in. I must remember it isn’t a commentary that I’m a bad writer – I’m just not ready at this point for the program. It’s not a commentary about publishability, either. (Is that even a word?)

On to the next challenge.