On the Eve of Resolutions

That time of year again. Do you wonder why we always set a clean slate on the first day of the new year? Often we make such resolutions and fail at them within the first month or two, which contributes to feelings of failure and more reasons for us to be harder on ourselves than we always are.

It’s one reason I like to start new projects at all times of year. I think one reason we fail to reach our resolutions is because we try to do too many things at once. We take that 1st of January date and say, “Today everything changes!”

Take time to reflect. Think about goals and what is possible to accomplish within the next year. I like to stagger start points to make the changes only a little at a time. Remember that doing something every day for 30 days makes a new habit. New habits are a lot easier to handle one at a time.

Good luck to all!